We Pray

Jesus commanded us (in effect), to watch,
and to pray “always” (see Luke 21:36) ‐‐
and, to pray for everything we desire
(see Mark 11:22-24).  So, we do.

And, we get results!!!

Please join us.

For More Information
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P.S.  Jesus also told us (in effect), that, if we (as Christians) will (as a united Body of Christ) humble ourselves (which means to eliminate pride, arrogance, and such like behavior), and pray (which means to ask for things, including for everything that we need, or even desire), and seek God’s face (meaning that His face can be sought, and found, of course), and turn from our wicked ways (meaning that we must repent, from all of our sins, and NOT return to them, like dogs return to their vomit, or pigs to their wallowing in the mire), He will hear us, from heaven (meaning that He is watching us, and listening to us), and that He will forgive our sin (meaning that He wants to, can, and will forgive us, if we will do our part), and that He will heal our land (meaning, of course, that He can heal our land, and that He actually wants to).  And, even though God promised this, in the Old Testament, it still shows His nature, and His willingness, to hear us, to forgive us, and to heal our land (see 2Chron. 7:14).  And, we truly do “need” this, NOW!  So, we hope that you will join us, in prayer, for all of the above reasons, and more, including Jesus’ warning, that we (as Christians) might NOT be found “worthy,” to escape what is coming, or get into heaven, if we refuse to watch, and to pray always (see Luke 21:36).  May God’s will be done:  May we “all” (as the Body of Christ) humble ourselves, and pray, and seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways, and get the results that we want, and that we need, right now, before it is too late (see Prov. 1:20-33).  God is serious.  And, Satan is serious.  So, we must also be serious, as Christians.  Therefore, please respond to this message, RIGHT NOW!  And, do NOT let other people’s negligence, or ignorance, or sins, drag you, into hell, etc., with them.  Rather, hear this life-critical message, and take appropriate action, IMMEDIATELY!  And, may God bless you, and yours, and all of us, from now on, and forever.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.


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